5 Reasons Why People Get Divorced After Decades of Marriage

5 Reasons Why People Get Divorced After Decades of Marriage

There are many couples who get divorced even after staying together for 20 years. This type of divorce is often called ‘gray divorce.’  The rate of such kind of divorce is increasing. Here are the reasons why.

They grow apart

Gray divorce doesn’t occur suddenly. It slowly builds up. You cannot see the small cracks in the relationship until it completely shatters. Hormonal changes can affect your relationships. Often, the woman feels that she has given up too much for this relationship. She might have sacrificed her career for looking after the children. She feels that there wasn’t any collaborative effort in the relationship.

Their age

At the beginning of marriage, the huge age difference is usually not an issue. But once they get older, the differences start to appear. At certain periods of life, people go through biological and physiological ‘brain upgrades.’ You want to go back to your old days. So, starting a relationship with someone younger satisfies their urges.

They become bored

People start to feel bored. Being with the same person for 24 hours make people bored. So, they want to experience something exciting in their life. For this reason, they start looking to start a new relationship.

Financial issues

Financial problems and differences in spending habits can lead to divorce. One partner may spend too much, while the other partner may want to save money. This difference in financial approach leads to divorce.


Sexual incompatibility becomes more prominent as you grow old. Hormonal changes can cause a lot of shift in sex drive. The differences in desire can lead to the breakup of a relationship.

You should talk to each other if you don’t like certain aspects of your partner or the relationship you are having. Open discussion is an effective way to solve an issue in a relationship. Don’t wait until the last moment to solve a problem in your relationship.

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